Is Illegal File Sharing Occurring Within Your -- or Your Vendors’ -- Cyber Ecosystem?

While many businesses have policies in place that prohibit employees from peer-to-peer file sharing in the office, BitSight has learned that this activity occurs on a significant percentage of company networks. Beyond the dangers of downloading copyrighted material and breaking corporate policies, employees that engage in peer-to-peer file sharing could be bringing malware onto corporate networks without their knowledge.


BitSight recently observed the networks of 30,700 companies across all industries and found 23% of organizations were using the BitTorrent protocol for peer to peer file sharing. Among these companies, BitSight also observed that 43% of torrented applications contained malicious software. In this report you will learn:

  • About the correlation between P2P file sharing activity and botnet infections
  • Which industries excel in mitigating the risks of file sharing
  • How peer-to-peer file sharing activity impacts security ratings, and why monitoring file sharing for third parties is crucial

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