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Healthcare Meets Vendor Care:
Improving the Maturity of Your Vendor Risk Management Program

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The pledge to “do no harm” is critical in healthcare. Does your VRM program mirror this guiding principal?

Medical data and personal patient information is migrating to the digital world. Cyber Healthcare-Meets-Vendor-Care-LP-Thumbnail.pngattacks are continuing to grow in complexity, and the regulatory landscape is evolving.

These elements are all great reasons why healthcare organizations need to be putting additional emphasis on their vendor risk management (VRM) plans.

In this ebook, you’ll learn more about:

  • Why healthcare companies should be more focused on VRM today than ever before.
  • Three elements that will contribute to a mature VRM program.
  • How you’ll benefit from using cybersecurity tools for this process.

Download this ebook now to kickstart your vendor risk management program’s maturity.

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