Don't Let "Trusted" Vendors Become Cyber-Breach Enablers

What kind of programs to organizations have in place to manage vendor risk?

In far too many instances, protections against cyber breaches remain woefully inadequate. A primary source of weakness is your company’s community of vendors and other “trusted” partners that often have privileged access to your data, systems, and networks. If a vendor’s own security practices are inadequate, or if its employees are negligent or ill-intentioned, your company’s sensitive data can be placed at significant risk.LP-Thumbnail-IDG-Maturity-Curve-Paper.png

Vendor risk management requires automated and continuous security assessments and benchmarking based on objective data.

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  • Why vendor risk management is becoming a standard business practice
  • About the challenges organizations face in building formalized vendor risk programs
  • How to move beyond "point-in-time" tools and begin continuously monitoring your vendors.

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