While many companies focus their effort on reducing cybersecurity risk, more threats are being discovered daily.

How does your company manage its third party cyber risks?

LP-Thumbnail-Webinar-Template-BitSightPoint-in-time, subjective questionnaires are not in line with the new regulations requiring continuous monitoring of vendors, partners and other third parties. 

In “Continuous Third Party Monitoring Powers Business Objectives,” BitSight CTO and Co-founder Stephen Boyer and guest speaker, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Renee Murphy will discuss the value businesses are finding in using a solution that has a constant eye on third party cyber threats.

Boyer and Murphy will also discuss:

  • The results of the study BitSight commissioned Forrester Consulting to undertake, examining how IT decision-makers feel about objective, reliable and continuous monitoring
  • What can be done beyond compliance to increase security performance
  • Which industries stand to benefit most from using automated, objective information security data
  • Specific use cases for continuous monitoring and how they help companies improve information security performance.

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